Bruno is the fifth professional who is taking part in the job shadowing phase of our project. Now he is in Portugal hosted by the association Moinho da Juventude that carries out its activities in Cova da Moura neighbourhood, in the suburbs of Lisbon. He will discover how art is a tool for inclusion and how people that emigrated from Africa live and use music, dance and graffiti to raise awareness about their conditions. Moreover, he is going to observe how they organize and carry out Kova M Festival, an event, that celebrates this year the 7th edition, for promoting inclusion through art, sport, music,Read More →

Noutsa is the fourth job shadower of our project “Inclusion through Urban Art & Folk Music”. She travelled from Cyprus to Málaga for learning how Iniciativa Interancional Joven organizes local activities with young people and how art and music can be used as a socioeducational tool. She participated in a Training Course that Iniciativa Internacional Joven organized in 2014 and now it is time for her to discover and know in situ how the coordinating organisation of this project works day by day.   Welcome to Málaga!Read More →

Mauricio from Nicaragua is now in Alba (Italy) for the job shadowing phase of our Project “Inclusion through Urban Art & Folk Music”. In association Espressione Hip Hop, Mauricio is knowing into details how an informal group of young people created an organization to spread hip hop values and to promote inclusion of children and young people in the province of Cuneo. He is also learning how they organize activities during summertime that help young people to develop their competences. Mauricio is also sharing his experience and knowledge as artist and youth worker that work for the social transformation of his country. Here you haveRead More →

Today, Williams (Tizón) is travelling from Guatemala to Málaga for participating in the job shadowing phase of our project “Inclusion through Urban Art & Folk Music”. His sending organization in Guategraff Graffiti Studio and he will be welcomed and hosted by El circulo breaking. During his stay in Málaga he will share his knowledge and experience as breakdancer and youth workers, while learning how artists from Málaga develop their talent and have professionalized themselves using urban art as a tool for inclusion, development and social transformation. This project is cofounded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union.  Read More →

Edgar (DJ Wave) is our first professional in taking part in the job shadowing phase. He travelled to Guatemala last week and he is discovering how urban art and folk music is being used as a tool for inclusion, culture of peace and social transformation. He took part in an event in Villa Nueva, he shared his experience in Antigua Guatemala and he discovered how the Mayan indigenous communities live in the area of Sololá. During this week he will participate in much more activities in order to understand how Guategraff Graffiti Studio (the hosting organization in Guatemala) is working and how urban art and folkRead More →

Edgar is the first artist and professional of the youth field to take part in the job shadowing phase of the project “Inclusion through Urban Art & Folk Music”. During 13 days, he will be in Guatemala for knowking how our partner organisation Guategraff Graffiti Studio is working and for spreading how DJ can be an education tool for improving competences in young people. His sending organisation is Iniciativa Internacional Joven from Málaga (Spain). Have a good trip and enjoy the experience! This project is cofunded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union.Read More →

This morning our participants arrived full of energy for finishing the preparation of the Workshops of Local Activities II. Yesterday we gave them information about pedagogy and how to preparare a workshop in a professional way using a pedagogical sheet. Afterwards, they started to create the two workshops: one about “art as educational tool” and “inclusion and social transformation through fusion”. At this moment they are presenting it and we are really surprised about results and the great job they did in each group.Read More →

Tomorrow afternoon from 4.30 pm we will be waiting for you in Centro de Innovación Social La Noria for our Open Door activity where our participants will share their knowledge with local population and make our project public! Click on the poster for more information about activities! Don’t miss it.  Read More →