This morning we were at Home for Cooperation where, with the collaboration of the Association for Historical Dialogue and Research (AHDR), we did a public presentation of project results. After the Official Welcome with a presentation of the situation of Cyprus, the General Manager of Iniciativa Internacional Joven, presented all phases of the project and main results achieved. Afterwards, participants from all project organizations explained activities carried out in each country, how participating in this project made possible their personal and professional development and their work with people at risk of exclusion have improved.

During the afternoon, we moved to TEAM Hip Hop Collective Centre, where we shared more impressions and experiences with local population and young people of Nicosia. They asked a lot of questions about how they can make their artistic and musical passion into a profession and how they can help and support people with fewer opportunities using art. After the session, they told us that they were very inspired by our participants and they would like to take part in future projects.

Finally, we want to underline that it was very impressive to listen about the situation of Nicaragua and how the lives of our participants changed because of this socio-political crisis, especially because some of our participants were there for the First Coordination Meeting.







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