The first part of our meeting was the Conference for presenting the main results obtained in each partner country thanks to the project. The second one, it is the final evaluation of the project among participants and partner organisations. For doing it, participants have been divided into small groups of 3 – 4 where they reflected on the most positive aspects of the project and those that could be improved, as well as proposals to continue strengthening our network and future joint projects.

The subject of the project and the atmosphere and energy among participants were the aspects participants/organizations liked the most, together with all theoretical inputs, the methodology based on non-formal education and the recognition of art as a tool for social transformation.

If we consider what they learnt, they underlined that now they can interact with people from different cultures, appreciating their richness and diversity, they knew new working methodologies in the field of youth, more dynamic and funny but at the same time with a lot of learning content and finally they could know other elements of hip hop culture and other types of music, as well as they feel appreciated by people from other backgrounds.

Regarding the local impact of the project, they affirmed that it has been very positive as many people and public and private organizations were interested in the activities, especially because of the fusion of hip hop and folkloric music that it has been considered something new and innovative of this project.

Finally, they also reflected on the difficulties and they agreed on idiomatic barriers and sometimes it was difficult to involve people outside of the urban culture.

Afterwards, we also have time for a visibility event with local artists and population, taking advantage of the fact that a big festival, called Yuka Blend Street Festival, was gathering more than 1,000 artists from different parts of the world in Nicosia. We could also offer different artistic creations with a social content that will remain in Cyprus.




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