Our participants are arriving to Cyprus for the Final Conference and Visibility Event of our project “Inclusion through Urban Art & Folk Music”.

Before submitting the project, Nicosia was chosen as the hosting city of the Final Conference. Because of its socio-political situation, it has been considered by project organizations a good place to present the results of a project where the artistic fusion between urban art and folk music is used as a tool for inclusion and visibility of minorities.

Tomorrow in the morning we are at Home for Cooperation where we will present project results and activities carried out in each country. Afterwards, in the headquarter of TEAM Hip Hop Collective Centre to share with local population how European projects can help and support personal and professional development of young people and youth workers.

On the 15th of September all participants and partner organizations, we are going to evaluate our project and finally a visibility event with local artists is going to take place at Nicosia Old Market.


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