In Cyprus, workshops of Local Activities II have been organized at T.E.A.M. Hip Hop Collective Centre the day 25th of July 2018. Main objectives have been achieved and participants were impressed how social issued could be worked and debated using dynamics, learning games and funny activities. They were interested to know more about non-formal education, learning process and different types of teaching and learning styles. The Visibility Activity took place at Nicosia Old Market where artists danced with different kinds of music that they chose by hazard using a wheel of fortune. Local population, especially children and young people, were very interested and inspired during the activity.

Besides official activities, artists from the Northern Part of the island decided to implement the workshops, too. They wanted to reach people who were very interested in participating but they couldn’t cross the border. The workshops took place at Amrican Girne University in Kyrenia the day 25th of July 2018, the same day as partner organisation from Cyprus carried it out its workshops. Artists from both sides at meeting for coordinating and preparing it.

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