The afternoon of the 1st of July 2018, the workshops of the project have been implemented in Italy at the headquarter of Espressione Hip Hop. Claudio Boano was the person in charge of the activity, together with the participants of the Training Course. Each workshop lasted two hours and all main objectives have been accomplished. At the beginning many people seems wary and their faces were not so expressive as they were not used to participate in this kind of learning activities. However, after few minutes they understand better the meaning of the workshops and they enjoyed and learnt a lot.

Concerning the visibility activity, it was organized the 7th of July at Pertinace Square in Alba. As there were also other activities carried out by other organizations from the city, the centre was full of artists and people. Approximately 150 people attended the event. A dance show with live music, together with social inputs and a general explanation of the project and Erasmus+ programme have carried out.

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