The 24th of January our partner organization from Portugal carried out the working meeting set up in the framework of Local Activities I of our project “Inclusion through Urban Art & Folk Music”.

Educators, community leaders, youth workers and artists interested in acquiring new competences for being street educators met at the headquarter of Moinho da Juventude where Ermelindo Quaresma was in charge of presenting the project and explaining how Erasmus+ can contribute to the development of young people and the construction of a better society.

In a neighborhood, Cova da Moura, which is one of the largest and oldest enclaves of migrant population in the area of Lisbon, this project can be a powerful way for giving population and young people another option for living a better life. Art and music are part of everyday life in this neighborhood so it is essential to train youth workers to profit this potential and to use this existing mix between urban art and other traditional music from Africa for inclusion, youth participation and social transformation.

After the explanation of the Project and the experience of some young people and youth worker who participated in other Erasmus+ projects, participants could debate on how they can be professionals in the field of art and music and how they can help and support the transformation and development of their society.

At the end of the Meeting, participants shared their artistic talent with others and a small performance based on improvisation created.

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