As Today is the International Women’s Day, we decided to start the day with a song called “Women Rights for Equality” by Eskarnia. When she knows that we have an activity where urban art is used as a socio-educational tool for inclusion, participation and social transformation she always support us. We firstly know here in 2014 when she presented her experience as artist and during this Training Course she helped us in a session about feminism and the importance of what you transmit/pass on through your messages, clothes or voice. Afterwards, we were debating about current situation of women and what we can do forRead More →

All participants arrived to Málaga, some of them after a long trip from Central America, and they were ready for starting the Training Course (TC). Through some learning games, participants could quickly learn other participants’ names and they received more information about basic rules and general aspects of the project and TC. During dinner, participants were speaking about their background, their experience and their feelings about art and music.    Read More →

Everything is ready for our International Training Course “Inclusion through Urban Art & Folk Music”. Tomorrow is the arrival day and we are waiting for all our participants that are coming from Cyprus, Guatemala, Italy, Nicaragua, Portugal and Spain. Three youth workers with a lot of artistic talents from each partner organization will take part in this training. The main objectives are: To improve key competences of young artists belonging to ethnic minorities and/or migrants; To exchange and develop new educational tools in order to raise awareness about inclusion of ethnic minorities and immigrants, through musical fusion; To promote a higher quality of youth work,Read More →

During the First Transnational Coordination Meeting in Managua, we presented the project to the public during a visibility event where community leaders, youth workers, young people and artists could know raise their awareness about the importance of art and music as a socio-education tool for helping people at risk of social exclusion in their process of inclusion and social development. For this reason, for the Meeting in the framework of Local Activities I, project team from Nicaragua decided to carry it out in another city of the country: Masaya. The 25th of February, a lot of artists and youth workers/leaders where there because of aRead More →

Each partner organization identified existing good practices at local level where urban art and/or folk music are used as a tool for inclusion of ethnic minorities and migrants, promoting their participation in the society and peaceful coexistence. They could select a project, an activity, a workshop or some specific methodology created or used by their own organization or by a local partner. Here you have a list of the Good Practices that you will find in the eBook of the project: -Development of Spatial Thinking and Self-Recognition (Spain); -Jamonth (Spain); -Kola San Jon Party (Portugal); -African Traditional Percussion (Portugal); -Enchulame mi nombre – Tune myRead More →

One of the activities to be performed during Local Activities I was an analysis of the situation of ethnic minorities, migrants and folk music in each project country. Each organization wrote its own paper which includes similar information about ethnic minorities, migrants, their inclusion and participation, as well as the situation of folk music and urban art in each country. In the eBook of the project that we will publish at the end of the project, you can find all analysis and papers. However, here we want to highlight some interesting information. During the Training Course in Málaga, participants will also present this analysis. Spain:Read More →

On Friday 09/02/2018 at the headquarter of Iniciativa Internacional Joven, the two Spanish organization of this projecy explain the most important aspects (objetives, phases, activities, etc.) of this project. Youth workers, artists and social educators were the audience of our meeting. An interesting debate about the importance of art for the personal and professional development of young people, especially those at risk of social exclusion, was moderated by Ana Belén Domínguez from Iniciativa Internacional Joven. Everyone was very satisfed and many people offered their help and support for this project.Read More →

On 6th of February our partner organization from Cyprus presented the project to the public. The first meeting was held at T.E.A.M. Hip Hop Collective Centre where youth workers and artists, as well as young people participated. For the second one, they decided to cross the Green Line and to speak with a collective of artists that are working for the inclusion of children and young people with fewer opportunities. During both meetings they explained the project and its activities, together with the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union and they reflected about the origins of the culture of whirling Dervishes, which is a SufiRead More →

On Friday 9th of February at 12:00 o’clock Iniciativa Internacional Joven and El circulo breaking carrys out the presentation of the international project “Inclusion through Urban Art & Folk Music” at the headquarter of Iniciativa Internacional Joven (Calle Aristófanes 4, 1º1. Málaga, Spain). The main aim of this project is to promtoe the mix (fusion) between urban art/hip hop and traditional-folk music, as a tool for inclusion of young people coming from ethnic minorities, migrants and/or having a familiar background of migration. Besides the presentation of the project, we will explain how you can be a direct beneficiary of this project and all together we willRead More →