The 24th of January our partner organization from Portugal carried out the working meeting set up in the framework of Local Activities I of our project “Inclusion through Urban Art & Folk Music”. Educators, community leaders, youth workers and artists interested in acquiring new competences for being street educators met at the headquarter of Moinho da Juventude where Ermelindo Quaresma was in charge of presenting the project and explaining how Erasmus+ can contribute to the development of young people and the construction of a better society. In a neighborhood, Cova da Moura, which is one of the largest and oldest enclaves of migrant population inRead More →

The day 23rd of January was the day chosen for the Meeting in Italy. Claudio Boano and Stefano Castelli were in charge of it. Participants came from different cities of the province of Cuneo and they were mainly artists who are working or collaborating in projects and activities connected with children and young people. The Meeting started with a presentation of the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union and how it can benefit young people and youth workers from different countries of the world. Afterwards, the project “Inclusion through Urban Art & Folk Music” was explained by the people in charge of the organization EspressioneRead More →

In Guatemala the meeting with artists in the framework of Local Activities I of our Project “Inclusion through Urban Art & Folk Music” has been carried out the day 12th of January 2018. Youth workers, social educators and youth leaders who are also artists were invited to share their experience and to know more about our project. We want to underline that all participants are from medium and low sector of the population and they understand the importance of art as a tool for inclusion and social transformation. During the debate, participants could reflect about the importance of combining talents and ideas during the implementationRead More →

After the coordination meeting that took place in Managua (Niragua), all partner organizations of our Project are working in their own country for delivering materials of Local Activities I. Iniciativa Interancional Joven, as coordinating organization, sent to partners the tools they need to use for it. On this way, all products have a similar content and structure and we can later on include it on the eBook of the project. Regarding Local Activities I, partners must analysis the situation of ethnic minorities, migrants and folk music in each country, create a stakeholders map, select good practices, meet with artists and youth workers and identity priorityRead More →

We are very happy to let you know that we have the final version of the logo of our project “Inclusion through Urban Art & Folk Music”. During the Transnational Coordination Meeting in Nicaragua, Iniciativa Internacional Joven proposed some logos and after debating it with all other partners, we decided guidelines of the final version. Here you have the final version and also the previous version so you can understand the process of construction of our logo. Green colour represents the earth and inner tribal motive represents unity and solidarity, as well as it highlights the inclusion of Guatemala and Nicaragua. Circle shape has beenRead More →

Our coordination meeting is over. After 4 days of work our partners know into the details all the activities and tasks they have to perform during this 1 year project. During the meeting we specified strategies and working methods, we agreed about the logo and we set up monitoring systems for the project. It has been a very productive and needed meeting, where we had also the possibility to better know the situation of Nicaragua and made the project visible in this coutnry through a visibility event organizaed at the headquarted of Instituto de Promoción Humana Managua.  Read More →

We welcome our followers to the webpage of our new project “Inclusion through Urban Art & Folk Music”. If you want to read some general information about the project please visit: About You can find us also in the most important social networks: Instagram (@uafolkproject) and Facebook fanpage (UA&FOLK project-  Read More →