The final version of the video of our project is now available for all public. Don’t hesitate to watch it for observing how the project has been implemented in all countries throughout its lifetime, including the Final Conference in Cyprus. It is an example of an international project based on non-formal education where urban art and folk music are used as a socio-educational and pedagogical tool for working inclusion of ethnic minorities, migrants and people with familiar background of migrations.Read More →

The first part of our meeting was the Conference for presenting the main results obtained in each partner country thanks to the project. The second one, it is the final evaluation of the project among participants and partner organisations. For doing it, participants have been divided into small groups of 3 – 4 where they reflected on the most positive aspects of the project and those that could be improved, as well as proposals to continue strengthening our network and future joint projects. The subject of the project and the atmosphere and energy among participants were the aspects participants/organizations liked the most, together with allRead More →

This morning we were at Home for Cooperation where, with the collaboration of the Association for Historical Dialogue and Research (AHDR), we did a public presentation of project results. After the Official Welcome with a presentation of the situation of Cyprus, the General Manager of Iniciativa Internacional Joven, presented all phases of the project and main results achieved. Afterwards, participants from all project organizations explained activities carried out in each country, how participating in this project made possible their personal and professional development and their work with people at risk of exclusion have improved. During the afternoon, we moved to TEAM Hip Hop Collective Centre,Read More →

Our participants are arriving to Cyprus for the Final Conference and Visibility Event of our project “Inclusion through Urban Art & Folk Music”. Before submitting the project, Nicosia was chosen as the hosting city of the Final Conference. Because of its socio-political situation, it has been considered by project organizations a good place to present the results of a project where the artistic fusion between urban art and folk music is used as a tool for inclusion and visibility of minorities. Tomorrow in the morning we are at Home for Cooperation where we will present project results and activities carried out in each country. Afterwards,Read More →

In Cyprus, workshops of Local Activities II have been organized at T.E.A.M. Hip Hop Collective Centre the day 25th of July 2018. Main objectives have been achieved and participants were impressed how social issued could be worked and debated using dynamics, learning games and funny activities. They were interested to know more about non-formal education, learning process and different types of teaching and learning styles. The Visibility Activity took place at Nicosia Old Market where artists danced with different kinds of music that they chose by hazard using a wheel of fortune. Local population, especially children and young people, were very interested and inspired duringRead More →

In Portugal, the workshops of Local Activities II were implemented during two different days and in two different spaces: the day 13th of June at Escola Azevedo Neves and the 26th of July at Rua da Glória. The first workshop has been implemented with students, teachers and professionals working in the school and it was very interesting to check how methodologies based on non-formal education can be used on a formal education context. The workshop has been adapted but the planned objectives have been fully accomplished and it was very interesting to see how people could know and practice different dance styles that they neverRead More →

Bruno is the fifth professional who is taking part in the job shadowing phase of our project. Now he is in Portugal hosted by the association Moinho da Juventude that carries out its activities in Cova da Moura neighbourhood, in the suburbs of Lisbon. He will discover how art is a tool for inclusion and how people that emigrated from Africa live and use music, dance and graffiti to raise awareness about their conditions. Moreover, he is going to observe how they organize and carry out Kova M Festival, an event, that celebrates this year the 7th edition, for promoting inclusion through art, sport, music,Read More →

The afternoon of the 1st of July 2018, the workshops of the project have been implemented in Italy at the headquarter of Espressione Hip Hop. Claudio Boano was the person in charge of the activity, together with the participants of the Training Course. Each workshop lasted two hours and all main objectives have been accomplished. At the beginning many people seems wary and their faces were not so expressive as they were not used to participate in this kind of learning activities. However, after few minutes they understand better the meaning of the workshops and they enjoyed and learnt a lot. Concerning the visibility activity,Read More →

Noutsa is the fourth job shadower of our project “Inclusion through Urban Art & Folk Music”. She travelled from Cyprus to Málaga for learning how Iniciativa Interancional Joven organizes local activities with young people and how art and music can be used as a socioeducational tool. She participated in a Training Course that Iniciativa Internacional Joven organized in 2014 and now it is time for her to discover and know in situ how the coordinating organisation of this project works day by day.   Welcome to Málaga!Read More →

Mauricio from Nicaragua is now in Alba (Italy) for the job shadowing phase of our Project “Inclusion through Urban Art & Folk Music”. In association Espressione Hip Hop, Mauricio is knowing into details how an informal group of young people created an organization to spread hip hop values and to promote inclusion of children and young people in the province of Cuneo. He is also learning how they organize activities during summertime that help young people to develop their competences. Mauricio is also sharing his experience and knowledge as artist and youth worker that work for the social transformation of his country. Here you haveRead More →